HG Madhusudan Bapuji Vyas Puja

His Grace Madhusudan Bapuji Vuas Puja 2016 Videos

30th October 1962… the appearance day of a Great Personality of today’s time, who appeared for uplifting the fallen souls from this kaliyug to Golok Dham. 

Shri Madhusudan Bapuji’s appearance means appearance of Krishna Consciousness, appearance of Krishna’s Love, appearance of happiness, sacrifice, and selfless devotion. His appearance is like a huge ship that can encompass all living beings and help them cross over the turbulent waters of life. He has come into this material world leaving Golok Dham just for relieving the fallen souls from all pain and sadness.

Shri Krishna Bhakt Parivar celebrates Bapuji’s Vyas Puja (appearance day) with utmost joy and enthusiasm. It starts with special Mangala Aarti and Guru Puja followed by  Harinam Sankirtan, in which all the devotees dance in joy. A special Vyas Puja program is also held within the temple premises in the afternoon, which is attended by all devotees. 

Disciples from all around the world send their Vyas Puja offerings for Bapuji to thank him for showing them the path towards Krishna Consciousness and being their constant source of inspiration.

The evening event is witnessed by all the devotees wherein special cultural events are held glorifying the divine qualities of their Spiritual Master  HG Shri  Madhusudan Bapuji, followed by Maha Prasadam for all the devotees